List of Credits
Feelin' Good Magazine Featured "Bullit" Bill Tarsha
European Blues Artist Calendar 1990
Arizona Entertainment Award
Achievement in Music 1989
Wrote original music and appeared in
NBC made for TV movie Desert Rats
which aired in the fall of 1988
European Tour
September and October 1988
Voted "Best Blues Band"
Best of Phoenix, New Times Magazine
ten times
Susie Tarsha won "Female Vocalist of the Year"
Soundboard Music Awards, 1987
The Hohner Harmonica Artists Calendar, 1989
featured "Bullit" Bill Tarsha
Won first annual "Soundboard Award for Music Excellence"
Soundboard Magazine, 1984
Voted "Band of the Year"
Soundboard Magazine, 1984
Voted "Best in Blues"
Arizona Republic, Phoenix Gazette 1991-92

"Bill Tarsha is one of the best harp players
on the scene today."
    -Muddy Waters
"Rocket 88's, blues as it should
be played for all times."
    -Tom Mazzolini, San Francisco
      Blues Festival Promoter
"The Rocket 88's, I wanted to
hear again and again."
    -Bay Blues, San Francisco
"Bill is the best!"
    -Pee Wee Crayton
"The Rocket 88's have an
exciting raw sound"
    -Cadence Magazine
      New York
"A trim four-piece band with a big fat sound."
    -Tucson Weekly
"You'll find yourself searching
for more of the Rocket 88's' LPs."
    -Living Blues Magazine
"The Rocket 88's never run out of energy,
they always give their audience their best."
    -Soundboard Magazine
"The 88's, a work of Blues purity.
Sharp and clean as I've ever seen,
energy is the byword of this band."
    -City Life Magazine
"The band is a strong aggregation with
a good reputation, solid, strong, and ever evolving."
    -Wired for Sound Magazine
      San Diego
"The Rocket 88's bring the blues theme
home with sets that put other groups
to shame."
    -Arizona Republic